Angel Bridge

We are one of the largest Angel Investor networks in Japan,
providing abundant and high quality funding to Japanese startups



How Angel Bridge Works

At Angel Bridge, we have a vast network of affluent and best in class Angel Investors. Angel Bridge will coordinate all investment activity including; investment decision, preparation of the investment vehicle, administrative procedure, fundraising, communication with the invested company post investment, financial strategy and other hands-on support. After Angel Bridge management has decided to invest, we will explain to our angel network about the investment opportunity, establish an investment vehicle for the specific case, and the angel investors who are interested will provide funding. Angel Bridge management will always participate a considerable amount in the investment along with our angel investors as a commitment. For our Angel Investors, they merit the opportunity to invest in only the startups that they wish to, unlike the case with ordinary venture capitals

WHY Angel Bridge ?

Affluent and Best in Class Funding
Our Angel Investor network comprises of people such as top management of global financial institutions and owners of established Japanese companies. They are not just deep pocket Angels but also a very experienced group of people as well. The funding unlike other funds, have no maturity, thus we are capable of supporting startups in the long term
Quick Decision Making
We leverage our experiences at our former occupation at the world’s top class investment bank to execute deals quickly and yet at a very high standard. Our execution capacity together with our flexible Angel Investor community brings out a very decisive system that may take so short as days to invest. Companies seeking for our finance will merit saving managerial resources spent for fundraising and may focus on their core business
High Level Financial Strategy Support
Post investment, Angel Bridge will be your best partner. We will leverage all our financial advisory skills to support your cause. In Japan, we have limited pool of CFO candidates who can appeal to the global market. Angel Bridge will support from a professional perspective you and your finance strategy, exit strategy and M&A strategy to meet your mid-long term goals


Any business area
All stages including pre startup phase
Maximum of 10 billion JPY
Ordinary Stock / Preferred Stock
Exit Strategy


Yutaro Kasai

Representative Partner

  • Yutaro Kasai co-founded Angel Bridge in 2015. Mr. Kasai started his career at the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs Japan, and moved on to gain extensive experience in growth capital investment at Bain Capital Japan and Unison Capital prior to founding Angel Bridge. Mr. Kasai holds an M.S. from The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences (Genetic Engineering) and an M.B.A. from The University of Chicago.

Masaei Hayashi


  • Masaei Hayashi co-founded Angel Bridge in 2015. Mr. Hayashi started his career at Itochu Corporation for twenty years. After his term as Chicago Branch Officer, Mr. Hayashi moved on to serve as a Director of a TSE 1st section listed company. In 2010, Mr. Hayashi founded Emiall Corporation. Mr. Hayashi holds a B.A. in Economics from Keio Univesity and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University (Kellogg). Mr. Hayashi also served as a lecturer at Aoyama Gakuin University (Faculty of Law) in 2010.

Naoki Kiritani


  • Naoki Kiritani co-founded Angel Bridge in 2015. Mr. Kiritani started his career at the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs Japan (M&A / IPO) and founded a PR start-up in 2013 prior to founding Angel Bridge. Mr. Kiritani holds a B.A. in Economics from The University of Tokyo.

Hokuto Inoue


  • Hokuto Inoue co-founded Angel Bridge in 2015. Mr. Inoue started his career at the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs Japan. Mr. Inoue holds an M.S. from The University of Tokyo, School of Science (Astrophysics).


DLGB inc.

  • DLGB provides a booking platform of limousine services to 150 airports by partnering with 300 limousine rental companies
  • Investment : 60 million JPY

Theoria Science inc.

  • Theoria Science collaborates with Professor Takahiro Ochiya (Tokyo Medical University), providing an early stage cancer diagnosis and drug discovery targeting exosome markers
  • Investment : 60 million JPY

KYC Consulting Corporation

  • KYC Consulting develops a proprietary risk platform for businesses, and provides consulting services regarding KYC and anti money laundering
  • Investment:30 million JPY


  • MeetsMore operates a platform to receive multiple professional quotations for local services. MeetsMore matches you to your various needs to find professionals in various areas, from photographers to accountants
  • Investment:100 million JPY

Qwintet Co., Ltd.

  • Qwintet operates one of Japan’s largest portal site focused on cosmetic treatment. The website contains abundant reviews from users and treatment information from clinics
  • Investment:100 million JPY

U-Tokyo Entrepreneur Supporter’s Club Incubation Fund

  • U-Tokyo Entrepreneur Supporter’s Club Incubation Fund provides early stage funding for entrepreneurs in/from The University of Tokyo. The fund is co-operated by Angel Bridge and OBs from The University of Tokyo who themselves founded and successfully listed their startup
  • Fund Size: 130 million JPY

Ondeck, Co., Ltd

  • Ondeck provides M&A advisory services for small to mid-cap companies with business succession issues. The Japanese population decline leads to structural problems of having less successors every year
  • Investment: 500 million JPY

Fukushima SiC Applied Engineering Inc.

  • Fukushima SiC is a developer and distributor of next generation cancer treatment medical device (BNCT). The company’s core strength lies in its development capacity of Neutron generation, enabling significant increase in performance with smaller size and competitive pricing
  • Investment: 600 million JPY

Varinos Inc.

  • Varinos is a genetic testing company serving the Gynecology area to enhance performance of fertility treatments. Varinos analyses vaginal flora and provides supplements for improvement
  • Investment: 200 million JPY

Synapse Innovation Inc.

  • Synapse Innovation is a SI company with a profound client base over its 35 years of service, that now developed its own production management software for their clients. The software manages and increase efficiency for its clients by using IoT / AI technologies
  • Investment: 430 million JPY

Heartseed Inc.

  • Heartseed is a startup co-founded by Angel Bridge and Professor Keiichi Fukuda (Keio University School of Medicine). The company aims to serve regenerative science for myocardial diseases. Astellas and Shibuya Corporation also invests in the company
  • Investment: 550 million JPY

SpeciaLase Ltd.

  • SpeciaLase is a joint venture with a TSE listed company Sato Holdings. Angel Bridge sold all shares of the company to Sato in February 2018
  • Investment: 70 million JPY


  • BIOS is an university tech startup based on research results from Professors from Jikei University / The University of Tokyo / Meiji University / Keio University. The company aims to serve regenerative science for the kidney
  • Investment: 150 million JPY

Haneda Ichiba Co., Ltd.

  • Haneda Ichiba is a distributor of fresh seafood with a distribution center inside Haneda Airport with goals to disrupt fresh seafood logistics and revitalize the local business. Mitsubishi Estate, Nochu Bank and Akindo Sushiro also invests in the company
  • Investment: 500 million JPY

GeneTech Inc.

  • Genetech is a genetic testing company for NIPT (non-invasive prenatal genetic testing). With 50 largest hospitals as their clients, the company has top share of over 80% in the Japanese market. Angel Bridge sold all shares of the company to Noritsu Koki Group in April 2016
  • Investment: 500 million JPY


Company: Angel Bridge
Representative Partner: Yutaro Kasai
Founded: October 21, 2015
Fiscal Year: September
Office: 〒102-0094Kioicho Hills West 1F, 3-32 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo



  • Kioicho Hills West 1F, 3-32 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • By train:
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